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Eaton Smart, Hong Kong... A choice you'll feel good about

Whether you want a work out or to take time out, we're here to ensure you feel good. At this Kowloon hotel you can exercise your body as well as revitalise your spirits 24 hours a day.

Choosing Eaton Smart, Hong Kong means you have chosen a Hong Kong hotel where you can keep up with your fitness programme. We know just how important it is for the modern traveller to keep in shape.

For your work out, just head to the rooftop to our fitness centre and swimming pool.

Time out? Sink into a deckchair and we'll bring you cooling drink while you relax around the pool.

If a bench-press or treadmill is not your thing why not to try out our Wii Fit during your stay. Keep fit and have fun at the same time!

Of course you may have other forms of exercise on your mind. Our Hong Kong hotel's location means you needn't go far for the recreation you seek.

If you're looking for tennis, basketball, volleyball or wall climbing, may we suggest the nearby King's Park.

A fully equipped, 24-hour Hong Kong gym

Our invigorating state-of-the-art fitness centre is literally just a push of a button away on our top floor, adjacent to the outdoor swimming pool.

You can challenge yourself with the wide selection of free weights. Or pace yourself on one of our many cardiovascular machines, which include rowing machines, jogging machines and cycling machines.

And if you happen to prefer your exercise at times of the day that others might consider odd... well no sweat -- our Hong Kong gym is right there for you around the clock.

The modern equipment includes video monitors... Catch up on the news or take in a movie while you work out.

Need a little advice or want to fine tune your personal regime? Our certified trainers are there to help. Just ask... they will ease you into a routine that's works for whichever season it happens to be when you visit our Hong Kong gym.

Open 24 hours
Location Level 21
Equipment Treadmills
Recumbent bike
Fly machine
Functional training machine
Lat pulldown
Stretch trainer
Free Weights
Fitness ball

Services LCD TV with different channels
Wireless headphone provided
Gym instructors on duty from 7:00 am - 22:00 pm

Take the plunge in our rooftop pool

Our fun and intimate outdoor heated swimming pool awaits on the rooftop.

The pool is conveniently located right next to the fitness centre. After you have completed a vigorous work out session, you can dive in and chill out just a few steps away.

You can come up solely for a swim or to simply relax under the skies.

Tasty snacks, refreshing drinks and cocktails are available from the poolside bar. Our enthusiastic attendants are there to fulfil your order.

Swimming Pool




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Eaton Smart Hong Kong

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